Experience in the use of WondaLips

Beauty from birth is not given to everyone, sometimes a little flaw can become an obstacle on the way to the dream. My experience of using WondaLips with shared Victoria from Cardiff, which is due to the use of money took a step toward the dream.

Lips Victoria before and after enlarging cream Wondalips

"I always dreamed about the fame. From early childhood I knew that I would be a famous person. Around me always praised for my artistic data and the ability to communicate with any people. I long chose where to study, even thought to go to the University of cinema, but opted for journalism, with the intention after graduation to obtain a job in television.

I studied hard and in the middle of my studies I had an internship at a well-known channel, and then remained there to work as an assistant editor. My job I liked, but I wanted to be a broadcaster. I realized that I still have to work on your appearance. I was quite attractive, but my lips were not sufficient. I often looked at myself in the mirror and imagined that they increased, and how much hotter it was my face.

To get a job on TV is possible only with perfect appearance

I knew that having perfect appearance, I will be able to get a dream job. The competition I was very serious – all wheel drive was beautiful and excellent professional skills. I noticed that all the looks were the deciding factor – a employee at the channel, did not Shine with beauty, and remained in the assistants.

Meanwhile, I began to study his appearance – a new hairstyle, visited the course to improve the condition of the skin, and finally came the turn of the lips. I consulted with several experts – all of them offered to make me a lip augmentation injections for a year and a half to bring my lips up to the desired result. I figured out all the advantages and disadvantages of this procedure, and realized that it does not suit me: expensive, long, painful and dangerous.

I began to read information on the Internet about alternative ways and saw a review on cream WondaLips. The result surprised me – the girl showed the photos before and after, and the result was really impressive. Her lips looked full, had a clear outline and incredibly attractive. I without hesitation ordered the cream.

Hyaluronic acid and collagen – the secret of the effectiveness WondaLips

Victoria used WondaLips for lip augmentation

Instruction for use describes in detail how to use the cream. The secret to the cream WondaLips was in high concentrations of hyaluronic acid, collagen and auxiliary substances that help penetrate the deep layers of the skin. The result I noticed after the first application.

My lips become more smooth, supple and voluminous. No special feelings when applying it didn't feel just a slight chill. I used the cream several times a day, and two weeks later, the increase became noticeable even to others.

This small change in appearance has greatly changed my face and made it more harmonious. Finally my lips grew as I wanted. WondaLips very economical: two weeks it took me approximately 10% of the initial amount of money.

Lips looked great in its natural form, and lipstick. I became much more self-confident and even better fulfill your work responsibilities. Two months later, the Director suggested I audition for the leading. I successfully passed the audition and got the dream job. Thank you cream WondaLips".