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Want to obtain beautiful plump lips without injections and operations? Try the lip cream WondaLips. It is a safe product based on hyaluronic acid. The effect is noticeable immediately after application. The official website of the Spain, starts selling its drug at 50% discount! In order to receive the product, fill in the form on the website, enter Your phone number and name using the order form and expect a call from a representative of the company.

How much is the cream WondaLips

The value of the goods at a discount is 44 €. The quantity of the goods participating in the promotion, limited. Give your lips an amazing view!

Plump and sensual lips has always been an integral part of feminine beauty. Not every girl nature brings the gift of a beautiful plump lips, besides with age, they decrease in volume, angles down and the initial volume out completely.

Currently, we offer a wide variety of techniques to increase the lips, and often girls opt for injections to make the lips the desired shape.

Beauty as an integral part of life today

About full and beautiful lips is a dream of almost all women

A visit to a cosmetologist and a plastic surgeon has long ceased to be something intimate. Women and men no longer hide the act the availability of procedures to improve appearance. On the contrary, it is now fashionable and popular, modern and glamorous appearance – the entrance ticket to the world of money and success.

One of the most common procedures to give their appearance more noble species is the lips. The fashion for this procedure came after the breast augmentation, most women immediately appreciated the effect of her conduct and began to make an appointment to see the specialists.

Of course, once this procedure has only been available to very wealthy people, but following the development of new technologies and the emergence of a large number of clinics, the cost of the procedure has fallen significantly.

According to statistics, more than 20% of all women in the world have turned to cosmetology with the goal of lip augmentation and more than 50% dream about such a procedure. Lip augmentation has a positive effect on the appearance of the face, making it more harmonious and correct.

A little about the anatomy of the lips

The shape of the lips depends largely on the type of entity, position of the jaws, the degree of development of the bones and soft tissues. The man's lips are inside and outside front surfaces and consist of three parts: skin, mucous and intermediate.

The structure of the human lips
Skin part Consists of epidermis, dermis subcutaneous fat
The intermediate part This place is also called "red border", she shared lip on the outer and inner part, which originates from the scene of the closing of the lips. The outer part consists of keratinized epithelium, and the inner one is not dead.
Mucous part Shaped salivary gland, a mucous plate, which starts the muscle tissue, connective collagen fibers.

There are many combinations of types of the lips, among which can be chubby, thin, and lips of medium size. The upper lip could be fuller bottom and Vice versa.

In some cases, the meet of pathology of the lips, among which are the asymmetry, cyanosis, cyst, chronic fissures, herpes and so on. Some of these disorders are a contraindication to the use of injections and other cosmetic treatments.

Hyaluronic acid to improve the shape of the lips

Hyaluronic acid attracts water molecules, due to which lips receive the desired volume

A procedure to correct the shape and volume of the lips are made using hyaluronic acid. This tool, which has unique properties: hyaluronic acid attracts water molecules and fills their surrounding tissues, due to which lips receive the desired volume and shape.

In addition, for filling lip using Biogel, fillers, Botox, but it is proven that hyaluronic acid shows the strongest and most persistent effect.

The most common method of use – internal introduction in the form of injections, but no less popular has become the use of gels and creams for topical application. WondaLips one of the best products containing hyaluronic acid.

Lip augmentation with cream WondaLips

WondaLips cream that imparts the desired size and shape. The tool has no analogues, its use is absolutely painless and safe. In a cream are only natural ingredients that fill lips makes them more voluminous, smooth and tight.

WondaLips penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, associated with cellular structures, fills cracks and maximally fills the interior fabric, giving the lip the desired size. The effect of the use noticeable almost never the lips gain volume, smoothness and elasticity. A so-called "salon effect", the person is changing for the better.

Interesting fact. About lip augmentation was conceived back in the distant 1900-th year. Already started first attempts to increase the paraffin. In 1960-m has opened a silicone, in 1980, the year appeared on the market collagen, which became the basis for the creation of the modern drugs.
The cream and its action

Cream is a unique development of leading French specialists in the field of cosmetology. In the composition includes organic components that are widely used in the beauty industry. Their combination gives you a powerful filling effect, moisture and elasticity. In the cream composition contains:

The effect of the application does not force itself long to wait: in a few minutes You will notice the improved appearance of the lips and will feel like they are filled with moisture. To buy the cream WondaLips today on the official website in the country Spain price 44 € — what is the cost in other countries. The item is in stock, it is 50% discount. Hurry, the promotion period is limited!
Benefits using cream WondaLips
With regular application WondaLips Your lips reach the desired size

The use of the cream are cumulative. The effect is noticeable immediately after application and continues to stay on lips for hours. When using WondaLips You will receive the following benefits:

With regular use WondaLips Your lips will acquire the desired volume will look natural and very sexy. WondaLips – the secret charm of Your lips.

Order a cream WondaLips in Spain on the official website. Now only the cream WondaLips sold at a discount at half the price. Your sensual lips will drive crazy any man!

The opinion of the doctor

Dr. Beautician Rudi Rudi
22 years
Come to me dozens of girls who are not satisfied with the volume of your own lips. Many of them do not want to enhance the lips by using injections because of the high cost of the procedure. Besides, not everyone fits this method during the preliminary examination can detect contraindications to the procedure. WondaLips - a great alternative to injections. The drug gives a great effect, lips look full and hydrated. Hyaluronic acid and collagen filled lips and make them more attractive. I recommend the cream WondaLips. This is the best drug in Spain.